SPIRE is a private obstetric ultrasound clinic located in the heart of Frederiksberg, Copenhagen

The clinic opened it’s doors to expectant families from all corners of the world in April 2017. We are a team of sonographers with many years of experience in the fetal diagnostics field. Our focus is to provide examinations of the highest quality and to create a space for the best possible experience when first meeting your growing baby. ‘Spire’ is Danish for sproutūüĆĪ

You can bring as many relatives as you wish for the examination. We have 5 actual seats, but can supplement with a little extra. If you are more than 7-8 people some of you will have to be standing. Children are welcome but we encourage you to bring someone who can step aside to take care of them, if needed, to ensure a good experience for everyone.

We are registered with the Danish Patient Safety Authority.

We follow the DFMS and ISUOG guidelines.

We accept most major credit cards and Mobile Pay. We prefer cards or mobile pay.

¬†I will give Pernille my warmest recommendations ‚Äď she is not only careful and really talented, she has shown a tremendous empathy and understanding for my feelings and many questions..
Julie Nielsen

Project manager and mother of Mio, Dagmar and David

I have saved the stunning 3D photos, so that, when she’s older, my daughter can see herself before she came into this world.
Birgitte Bidstrup

Lawyer and mother of a boy and a girl.

At Spire you will meet a professional team of sonographers. We do all types of pregnancy scans including 3D and 4D. We have the latest equipment ensuring great looking images with all scans.

We are registered with the Danish Patient Safety Authority.