Latest technology

We use the latest technology in pregnancy scanning: GE’s Voluson E10 BT20 with HD Live Silhouette and HD Live Studio, a state of the art method that creates incredibly lifelike pictures of your baby. Just as importantly the amazing image quality in both 2D and 3D gives us the best tools to assess your baby’s organs and overall well-being.

As you leave the clinic you will have instant access to your images in Tricefy!

We offer all types of pregnancy scans – starting at week 6 + 0 and through the remainder of your pregnancy right up to the time of birth.

Your experience depends on how far you are in your pregnancy and what you look to get out of your scan.

See our services below

Early Scan
Nuchal Translucency Scan
Gender Scan
Reassurance Scan
Anomaly Scan
3D/4D Scan
Follicle Scan

At Spire you will meet a professional team of sonographers. We do all types of pregnancy scans including 3D and 4D. We have the latest equipment ensuring great looking images with all scans.

We are registered with the Danish Patient Safety Authority.