What is NIPT?

NIPT is an abbreviation for Non Invasive Prenatal Test, and is a blood test from the mother that screens for chromosome anomalies and/or gene mutations in the fetus. You can choose a NIPT test if you want a highly accurate risk assessment without putting a risk to your pregnancy. There are different types of NIPT. We offer the following:


Possible from week 9+0

Can be used on twins and is the only NIPT that can tell you if your twins are identical or fraternal and each twin’s gender.

Tests for predetermined copy number variations such as Down’s Syndrome, sex chromosome defects and more.

Only NIPT that can detect triploidy.

Based on cell free DNA (DNA fragments).


Possible from week 9+0

Tests for predetermined gene mutations such as Noonan syndrome and can be combined with Panorama.

Based on cell free DNA (DNA fragments).

Evita Test Complete

Possible between week 10+0 and 14+6

Tests all chromosomes for copy number variations.

Only NIPT that can test all chromosomes from whole cells.

Developed in Denmark.


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