Anomaly Scan

From week 20-22

You can bring 3 relatives regardless of age for your scan.

Price dkr 900,- (kr 1500,- for twins). Read about twins here.

This scan is not eligible for discount.

Week 20-22 is the optimal time for a review of the structures in the fetal body and organs. We go through the fetus from top to toe: Cranium, brain, face, heart, lungs, diaphragm, liver, kidneys, intestines and bladder, arms, legs, back and spine, umbilical cord, placenta and amniotic fluid volume. The fetus is measured and the growth is assessed. We determine the gender if you’re interested.

You leave the clinic with your ultrasound report, one color photo of your baby and all the images and clips from the scan in Tricefy. 3D and 4D when possible.

Sometimes the position of the fetus disables us from accomplishing the scan. If this is the case we invite you back for a second look, no charge! 

Rescans are available at the times below (provided that the clinic is open):

Monday 10-16
Tuesday 9-15
Wednesday 11-16
Thursday 11-16
Friday 9-16

Rescans are not available on weekends and cannot be booked online.

(It is possible to book an early anomaly scan between weeks 15-20. Early anomaly scans require an indication, for example anomalies in a previous pregnancy. It is recommended to have an anomaly scan again between weeks 20-22 for a final assessment regardless of whether you’ve had an early anomaly scan. Call us for more information).

Anomaly Scan

At Spire you will meet a professional team of sonographers. We do all types of pregnancy scans including 3D and 4D. We have the latest equipment ensuring great looking images with all scans.

We are registered with the Danish Patient Safety Authority.