Why choose us?

We are professional: Our emphasis is on well trained staff. That means you can always be sure to get a professional assessment of your pregnancy when you visit us. Our equipment is CE marked and we are trained to operate it safely. We don’t use doppler in the first trimester without an indication.

We don’t rush: We reserve extra time for our services. This means that we can assess your baby’s growth and health at every scan and very rarely are we running behind.

We learn: We are always seeking to educate ourselves further and do so by attending internal and external courses for the latest knowledge on technology and fetal medicine. All ultrasound personel is associated with the public sector as well.

15% discount: After your first visit to the clinic you receive a 15% discount for every new scan in the same pregnancy (not eligible for NIPT, Nuchal Translucency Scans, Anomaly Scans and follicle scans and cannot be combined with other discounts).

We use Astraia: The Astraia software solutions offer a flexible and scalable data management tool with advanced medical functionalities. It has been designed for and in collaboration with healthcare professionals in Obstetrics and Gynaecology to optimize their daily workflows. This way we ensure that our professional assessment of your pregnancy is optimal.

We take responsibility: Fortunately most pregnancies are uneventful and normal. But if we find that there are conditions that need further investigation we will help you through the process in the best possible way.

Your scanning images in Tricefy: Instant access to your scanning photos and clips.

We have made it easy for you to to book an appointment: With a few clicks, you have an overview of available times

We keep your personal data safe: All our systems are secured and you will not be asked to provide CPR number or health information when booking an appointment online. Read our personal data policy here.

We are centrally located and easily accessible: No matter if you come from Copenhagen or the surroundings it’s easy to get to the clinic by bike, public transport or by car.

And last but not least, we reside in one of the best neighborhoods of Copenhagen. It’s easy to combine a visit to the clinic with a visit to the many cafes, shops and parks surrounding us. We are a small boutique clinic with emphasis on professionalism, aesthetics, time for our clients and a good atmosphere. AND we are blessed with some of the nicest, most skilled colleagues you can find!

Why choose us?

At Spire you will meet a professional team of sonographers. We do all types of pregnancy scans including 3D and 4D. We have the latest equipment ensuring great looking images with all scans.

We are registered with the Danish Patient Safety Authority.