Rebozo Massage

45 minutes, dkk 600,-*

By Emilie Hallum

Rebozo massage is of Mexican origin and has been used for many years by midwives, birth partners and doulas. Your therapist uses a long woven scarf (rebozo) as an extension of her arms. It is a technique suitable as relief and relaxation and it may have a pain relieving effect on the lower back and pelvis. The movements from the rebozo can reach the deep muscle tissue that are otherwise hard to reach with traditional massage.

The rebozo is wrapped around your body and you will get rocked gently by the scarf’s movements in different directions. During your session you will be in various positions both lying down and standing up.


Rebozo massage is suitable for those who are dealing with pelvic and lower back pain or for those who simply want relief and relaxation. It’s a very gentle form of massage and is safe for both the pregnant woman and the baby.

The treatment is specialized according to your wishes so we always start off with a brief chat about your expectations. We recommend that you wear comfortable and tight-fitting clothes, as it makes it easier to place the rebozo on your body.

Rebozo massage cannot turn your baby but it has a relaxing effect on your pelvic muscles and ligaments which may help your baby get settled better. Rebozo massage won’t induce birth but if you have a shortened cervix or have been advised by your midwife or GP/obstetrician to rest you should not book this treatment.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to bring kids to this treatment.

If you have issues walking on stairs please contact us in advance.

Prices are subject to change

This treatment is not eligible for discount

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