3D/4D Scan

The purpose of this scan is to see your baby’s unique features – frontal or in profile. In principle 3D/4D is possible throughout the pregnancy but please note that the best time to get images is between weeks 26-29 (weeks 23-26 for twins). The reason for this is that the amount of amniotic fluid peaks around this time. Fluid around the baby is crucial for optimal image quality. Therefore we prefer that you book this scan within the reccomended gestational weeks. We don’t offer image guarantee (rescans) after week 32+0 (28 for twins). After week 32 (28) we recommend a Reassurance Scan.

40 minutes (75 minutes for twins)

Price dkr 1200,- (dkr 2000,- for twins. Read about twins here)*

We see and hear the heartbeat and we determine the gender if you’re interested. The fetus is measured and the growth is assessed based on your due date. If you haven’t been scanned before we set the due date now.

We assess the placenta and the amount of amniotic fluid.

After week 20 we measure the resistance in the umbilical cord using doppler. This allows us to assess the placental efficiency.

Your sonographer will determine wether or not there is an indication for measuring the flow in the uterine artery (the blood supply to the placenta) and/or the mid cerebral artery (one of the great arteries in the baby’s brain). These flows will be measured if a stall in the baby’s growth is suspected.

You leave the clinic with your ultrasound report, one color photo of your baby and all the images and clips (silent) from the scan in Tricefy. You can buy extra color photos at the price of dkk 20/pc. 3D and 4D images.

A good 3D image requires a good 2D image. Sometimes the position of the fetus disables us from accomplishing the scan. If this is the case we invite you back for a second look, no charge! However, quite frequently there will be objects near the baby’s face. Examples are: Placenta (as in the image on this page), hands, feet, umbilical cord etc. It isn’t always possible to create an image where the baby is entirely free of objects but if the face shows this will not be an indication for a re-scan.

Sometimes we get many images – sometimes it’s only possible to get one good image. The image guarantee ensures  at least one image that answers the criteria described above.

Rescans are available on weekdays before 16h (provided there is a free slot).

Rescans are not available on weekends or after week 32+0 and cannot be booked online.

*Prices are subject to change

At Spire you will meet a professional team of sonographers. We do all types of pregnancy scans including 3D and 4D. We have the latest equipment ensuring great looking images with all scans.

We are registered with the Danish Patient Safety Authority.